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Trails Patrol

The Cedar Trails Patrol is a sub-group of the Cedar Trails Partnership and promotes the safe use of trails located throughout Black Hawk County. The patrol emphasizes responsible trail use, trail etiquette, and offers limited mechanical and medical assistance.

Enforcement is NOT a function of the Cedar Trails Patrol, but members are trained in the reporting of criminal and medical emergencies. They will also assist with the reporting and safe marking of trail hazards.

New volunteers are always welcome and can serve at two levels of responsibility:

Trail Ambassadors

Ambassadors are trained to a level allowing them to serve as an information resource to trail users, and to provide a very basic level of assistance. Requirements of this position are:

  • Helmet (when biking/rollerblading)
  • Cell phone
  • Logistics/location knowledge
  • Minimal mechanical work, such as fixing flats

Trail Patrollers

Patrollers typically have more experience with the trail system, and are trained as first responders. Requirements are the same as for ambassadors, with the additions of:

  • CPR training
  • First aid
  • Strong bike handling skills
  • Advanced bike repair skills/field tools

Team building gatherings will take place monthly, giving members a chance to review skills, give feedback and/or suggestions, and have FUN.

Member Responsibilities

  • Volunteer to patrol a minimum of 4hrs/mo from April through October
  • Wear a helmet while on bike or rollerblades
  • Carry a cellular phone to report emergencies and hazards
  • Wear and maintain Patrol uniform while patrolling
  • Keep a positive attitude and represent the Patrol in a positive manner
  • Promptly report hazards, obstacles, and remedies
  • Accurately and calmly report criminal incidents and/or medical emergencies
  • Assist in locating lost trail users and/or giving directions
  • Interact effectively with all trail users and make safety suggestions when appropriate

How to Join

For more information, e-mail us at trails@cedartrailspartnership.org.