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The Cedar Trails Partnership awards grants to projects committed to Partnership goals of expansion and improvement of the Cedar Valley trail system. Grants are awarded periodically based on available funds. Mini grants, up to $500, may be applied for throughout the year.  Simply send a letter outlining your request to the Cedar Trails Partnership, 6510 Hudson Road, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 50613.

Grant applications for projects of up to $2,500 are currently being sought. Applications must be received no later than February 15, 2018. Click here for a downloadable application 2018 Cedar Trails Partnership grant application (PDF).  Applications are also available in Microsoft Word format here 2018 Cedar Trails Partnership grant application (Word).  Call 319-268-4266 or email trails@cedartrailspartnership.org to request one.

Eligible Projects

Cedar Trails Partnership grant moneys may be used as matching funds or primary funds for trail projects in Black Hawk and contiguous counties.

Eligible projects include those that will:

  • expand or improve the recreational trail system;
  • maintain the trails to the highest obtainable standards of safety, beauty and utility;
  • promote the trail system as a recreational resource and a vacation and tourism destination;
  • educate trail users in trail etiquette and safe trail use;

Minimum grant: $500

Maximum grant: $2,500

Recognition Stipulation

Any project funded partially or in whole by the Cedar Trails Partnership must bear the words "Provided by the Cedar Trails Partnership," or words to that effect. The Partnership shall have final approval of all media releases concerning the grant and of the recognition of the grant as a funding source for the project.


Cedar Trails Partnership grants will be awarded periodically as funding allows. The Partnership gives higher priority to projects which provide long-term benefits to the Cedar Valley recreational trail system and its users.

Grant Decisions

All requests for funds are voted upon by the Board of the Cedar Trails Partnership. Funds are awarded through a majority vote of the voting-eligible members present at a regularly scheduled April meeting. Board Members who are employed by or otherwise involved with the applicants shall abstain from the vote, though they may participate in the discussion of the applications. The Partnership will send written notice to all applicants informing them of the Board's decision.

Grant Project Scoring Criteria

Applications shall be judged on the basis of the following criteria, though the project's score may not be the only factor considered in the decision:

  • Degree to which the project impacts all trail users
  • Degree to which the project impacts the safety of trail users
  • Degree to which the project enhances the trail environment
  • Degree to which the project uses grant funds to leverage greater public or private investment in the form of services and materials as well as dollars
  • Degree to which the project promotes and recognizes the Partnership
  • Degree to which the project involves other community groups
  • Grantee's future commitment to the project
  • Degree to which the project promotes increased trail usage and local tourism