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Special Trails Event Registration

The Cedar Valley Trails is a lineal park system located on public land spanning multiple jurisdictions that include the cities of Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Evansdale, Hudson, Gilbertville, and La Porte City as well as areas managed by the Black Hawk County Conservation Board and George Wyth State Park.

As more large-scale events take place on the trails it has become apparent that communication about these events is vital to reduce the likelihood of overbooking and having events "collide". It will also assure our continued reputation for quality events that assure the safety and enjoyment of participants, while respecting our trails and considering their sustainability. ALL MARKINGS FOR TRAIL EVENTS MUST BE DONE WITH SIGNS OR SIDEWALK CHALK. SPRAY PAINT IS CONSIDERED VANDALISM.

A registration process has been developed for organizers of events that charge a fee and/or require signage or marking of the trails. Great care has been taken to make the registration process fast and easy. Registered events will enjoy additional promotion through the Visitors Bureaus, Cedar Trails Partnership, local media outlets and other web sites.  

Registration is as easy. Simply fill in the event registration form and send it to trails@cedartrailspartnership.org.