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Trail Info

Paved Trails

With over 110 miles of hard-surfaced, multi-use trails, an abundance of soft trails, and emerging water trails, it’s no wonder why the Cedar Valley Trails was named Iowa’s Outstanding Tourism Attraction of the year!   Trails are free and open 24/7/365 for non-motorized and non-equestrian activities such as biking, hiking, cross-country skiing and skating.

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Snow Trails

As a community, we've invested in grooming equipment to keep many sections of our trails usable and fun during the winter. Our most popular activities are snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

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Soft Trails

The Cedar Valley Trail System is unique in that it covers both hard (paved) and soft (unpaved) trails -- perfect for a workout on your mountain bike or your favorite hiking shoes.  Much of the soft trail system is marked with rudimentary signs, and serve as the gateway to hidden, picturesque routes throughout Black Hawk County. Head out on your own (or with a group of friends!), and experience the natural beauty of outdoor Iowa.

Find more details about soft trails on the CVAST (Cedar Valley Association for Soft Trails) website.

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Water Trails

The CTP actively supports Black Hawk County's state-designated water trail -- the Cedar River Water Trail.  Development of additional water trails on Black Hawk Creek and the Wapsi River are also currently under development. 

While many waterways in Iowa can be travelled by canoe or kayak, a designated water trail stands apart by having clearly-marked access areas (ramps or steps), parking areas, and a degree of ADA-compliant access.

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